How To Build Your Personal Brand

When it comes to branding, getting personal doesn’t have to be complex. Your hesitation is valid and fears true as you realize the more authentic you are, the more vulnerable you have to be, which isn’t easy. However, it’s a basic requirement and where we begin as we take a look at building your personal brand.

As a branding agency, ALLYEXIA specializes in growing, developing and rebranding brands. Long before the creative hours commence, extensive research is done. While authenticity will be a consistent key to personal branding, we must realize that a brand is alive meaning it needs to evolve in order to grow meaning we have to evolve with it. Just like ALLYEXIA would do with a brand, have you thought about starting with “researching” yourself? Perhaps we start at self-discovery. Never said it would be easy, but it will be a lifelong journey you’ll be glad you started unpacking now rather than later.


I think self-discovery looks different for each individual. Some journeys will be longer and more grueling than others. Some journeys will also be more rewarding than others. The point is, you can’t start branding properly and really grow unless you invest in this step.

Who are you? Why do I care? What makes your soul come alive? Sets your heart on fire? Breaks your heart? Show me places you don’t take anyone else. Tell me your dreams your scared to share with anyone… your scared to share with even yourself.

This is substance. This is what people care about. This is you.

By no means, am I suggesting this so you can break out next month’s content calendar in the next step. This is just for you, me and ALLYEXIA. But it’s important because you are stronger than you realize to the point that your self-discovery phase will build the foundation in its entirety for your personal brand because… authenticity is key. We must know the real you. It’s the only you, we’d love to meet.


You will use creativity, planning skills, analysis, research methods, sales techniques and different strokes of art throughout this process. It almost feels jarring going from one step to the next. Switch gears fast, invest in each step and buy into the process and you’ll be fine. Better than fine, you’ll be a big, successful goal-getting personal brand.

Next up, is what I like to call brand basics. This is where you need to conduct a personal brand audit and create a list of all that needs to be updated. Headshot here, profile pic *right specs* there. Delete that ghost account here, create this new account backed by a surefire strat here. Clean up the web as much as you can and get a handle on your brand by making it clear, cohesive and concise.


Before we dive into the creation of a gorgeous new design, you should be able to tell me:

  • what your values are (ALLYEXIA calls them your power words)
  • what is your personal brand message
  • what are your goals
  • what platforms will you use to achieve these goals
  • what are your personal brand’s wildest aspirations
  • now how do we get there

Keep going back to the key of authenticity. Forgot how to? Well, what are you passionate about? How can you show me that passion on your platforms? Start there. And. Keep. Going.

From your personal brand identity you have now created, you build your new website (or ALLYEXIA does), set up new (or update existing) social media accounts and create your portfolio, if applicable.


Based on your goals you will come up with (or you can hire ALLYEXIA) a personal brand strategy. This is how it looks. It should set your goals, audience, and designated platforms. Then jump into the weeds and tell me how you plan to implement and execute per platform. Take it a step further and start content creation, a content calendar, and make a mood/vision board for your social accounts.

This could mean realizing you neeeeeeeeeeed content. Story of my life. ALLYEXIA has a solution though, we’ll let you in on it. Plan and schedule creative photoshoots for your brand and content batch. Remember. Keep. It. Authentic. Overwhelmed? Keep pushing, it will start to shake itself out and you’ll be glad you invested in this step. Invest in yourself, bb.

The next steps will differ depending on your strategy. They could look like:

  • creative photoshoot #1 (ex: at the lake)
  • pre-launch checklist
  • launch website, social media accounts and portfolio
  • follow content calendar
  • creative photoshoot #2 (ex: at the office)
  • content planning
  • content creation
  • content publication
  • monitor

At this point, it’s following your strategy and consistently posting and generating content just as amazing as you are. I get that because it is a personal and not business brand you may feel it isn’t as necessary but it is actually one of the biggest things you can do for your business by establishing yourself. And remember, it doesn’t work if it isn’t authentic so be yourself. Trust me. If not me, trust ALLYEXIA.

Question? We’d love to talk.

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